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Meet the Residents

Brittany Katz

Brittany Katz, M.D.

"I wanted to train at a place where I could learn from the best clinicians in a setting that has top-of-the-line research, staff, and hospital resources; a place where I could get a well-rounded clinical experience. I chose Cornell because, for all of these reasons, this hospital is a hospital where I would feel comfortable sending my family members, knowing they would get the best care possible. I can see these values reflected in the atmosphere of the care teams, where every patient is treated as a person, someone's family member. In working with these special people, I have found a second family in my co-residents. The sense of community is abundant. As much as we care for our patients, we care for one another."

Peter Kennel

Peter Kennel, M.D.

"Cornell was my top choice residency program. After interviewing there I found this program to have everything I was looking for: Outstanding clinical training in the heart of New York City which means a patient population from all over the world and with all social and ethnic backgrounds, as well as great research opportunities with three leading research institutions, Weill Cornell Medicine, Sloan Kettering and Rockefeller University, on the same block. Only at Weill Cornell! I am very happy with my decision."

Deborah Moon

Deborah Moon, M.D.

"I chose to come to Cornell for residency because it fulfilled all that I was looking for in an urban program: global health and research opportunities, a diverse patient population, great mentors and a collegial learning environment where I won't be afraid to ask questions. I also loved how innovative the leadership was in teaching, in particular with the use of the iPad/iTunes U where all the resources are organized in one place to make learning easily accessible. In the end, what drew me to this program were the people I met on interview day: the residents were genuine and friendly, the faculty were approachable and dedicated to teaching, and even the staff/coordinators were so involved! Life as a resident could be very challenging, emotionally and physically, and the people at Cornell are truly dedicated to support you through this journey and help you become the best physician you can be – and that is why I love training here!"

Liz Park

Liz Park, M.D.

"The reason I chose to do residency in New York City [besides being in one of the most dynamic places in the world!] is because I wanted to be challenged and to grow. I wanted to see patients from all over the world and from the city, those privileged and those not so privileged. I wanted to be nurtured by mentors and surrounded by co-workers who will be leaders in their fields. Being at Cornell certainly has provided me with all of that, but perhaps the most enjoyable part has been spending time, in and outside of the hospital with my co-interns. I love that we are extremely smart, passionate, eclectic group of individuals, but also happen to be gracious, collaborative with one another, and clearly care deeply about our patients. This has made the rollercoaster ride that is intern year a little more fun and less scary."

Russel Weg

Russel Weg, M.D.

"When asked what type of doctor I'd want to be, my answer has always been simple, to be a good one. Cornell allows residents to be surrounded by world-leading physicians that are dedicated to education. The collegial atmosphere empowers residents to take a leading role in the backdrop of a supportive environment. The commitment of residents to patients is fostered by a fun and enjoyable workplace. The combination of all these qualities creates a resident-focused program at Cornell that will allow me to become the physician I always wanted to be."

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