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Enteric Pathogens


Golightly, March

In collaboration with Dr. John March of Bio-Engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, a novel cholera prophylactic is being developed. Cholera uses cell-to-cell signaling to coordinate its growth and virulence in the human gut. Strains of commensal bacteria that naturally reside in the gut are being engineered to express chemical signals used by cholera to abort the colonization process and allow the pathogen to pass through the G.I. system without causing symptoms. The prophylactic would be administered to those at risk of exposure to prevent the development of disease. Ultimate testing is planned in Haiti in collaboration with colleagues at Groupe Haïtien d'Etude du Sarcome de Kaposi et des Infections Opportunistes (GHESKIO) in Port-au-Prince. The project is part of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges Explorations to Create New Ways to Protect Against Infectious Disease.

  • Rundell MS, Pingle M, Das S, Hussain A, Ocheretina O, Charles M, Larone DH, Spitzer ED, Golightly L, Barany F. A multiplex PCR/LDR assay for simultaneous detection and identification of the NIAID category B bacterial food and water-borne pathogens. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis 2014;79:135-40.

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