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Meet the Residents

Dr. Masha Slavin

Masha Slavin, M.D.
Chief Resident

I was born in Russia, grew up in western Massachusetts, and studied public health at the University of Pennsylvania as an undergraduate. I spent a year working at a community health center and studying Spanish in Guatemala before going to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. At Mount Sinai, I was involved with the student-run free clinic and the Visiting Doctors program. In addition to practicing primary care, I am interested in improving the delivery of high-quality primary care to underserved populations and medical education. Cornell's Primary Care track provides a rare combination of a strong inpatient program and rigorous primary care curriculum with supportive program leadership and great group of co-residents. As Ambulatory Chief Resident, I am grateful to serve a diverse patient population and also pursue my interests in medical education and practice management. In my free time, I love to exercise, spend time outside, and explore the city.

Dr. Thomas Di Vitantonio

Tom Di Vitantonio, M.D.

I knew that I wanted to complete my residency at an institution that would not only provide me with outstanding clinical training, but would also allow me to join a group of like-minded, humanistic individuals who I would enjoy working with every day. I found that with Weill Cornell Medicine. From my interview day and now into my intern year, this program has a true "family feel" to it, where you always can find someone for help and advice. Additionally, it is hard to beat living and training in New York City! Having attended college in Manhattan, I knew that coming back to New York was something I desired.  The opportunity to meet people from all parts of the world is an amazing experience and there is always something exciting going on in the city. I would absolutely choose Cornell again!

Dr. Rochelle Wong

Rochelle Wong, M.D.

When I started the residency process, I knew I wanted to find a home away from home. Being from California and having gone to medical school in the South, I was intimidated by much of the hearsay about New York residency programs. When I came for my Cornell interview, I was shocked to find how different it was. Not only was Cornell a place of outstanding clinical training and groundbreaking research, but people were so genuine and humble, and the patients were very diverse. The block schedule also makes it easy to have time to explore all the exciting things NYC has to offer. Already a few months into residency, I have met amazing co-residents to turn to for help or try new restaurants with, brilliant attendings who make teaching and learning look effortless, and administrators who make time to know each and every resident on a personal level. I took a leap of faith moving across the country for Cornell and I would make the decision again in a heartbeat! I found my home.

Dr. Nabeel Wahid

Nabeel Wahid, M.D.

What stands out the most about Cornell is the collaborative and collegiate atmosphere that resonates at all levels from the house staff to the faculty. The attendings and consultants here are all incredibly friendly and love to teach evidence based practices. While attending medical school in California, I heard a lot of misconceptions involving residency programs on the east coast. However, I found none of these to be true at Cornell, which is why it was my first choice for residency. Working in New York City has also been such an honor as it has allowed me to work with the most diverse patient population in the country, including patients from all demographics and ethnic backgrounds. I constantly feel like I'm learning not just from the faculty here, but also from my patients and their diverse experiences. The work can be challenging, but I've had no doubts about my decision to train here! 

Lauren Kelly

Lauren Kelly, M.D.

On the residency trail, I was looking for the program that had it all. Strong inpatient training with an emphasis on teaching and learning, commitment to resident well-being, and flexibility and support to pursue my research interests. Cornell was my first choice because it truly offered something on every level. As an independent learner, I was hoping for a program that was structured to a degree but also accommodating enough to allow me the time to pursue mentor relationships and personal goals. I'm in Cornell's Primary Care track, which is unique in that it offers wonderfully dedicated resident support - the faculty are really working for us to improve our experience and help us realize our goals. In my case, they're presently helping me establish a connection with Rikers Island as a possible second continuity clinic site. I'm also so pleased with my PC clinic experience at Long Island City Health Center, an FQHC in Queens that's part of NYC's Community Healthcare Network, where I'm able to get a real sense of urban primary care practice in a community-based setting.

Montreh Tavakkoli

Montreh Tavakkoli, M.D.

Cornell was my unequivocal first choice for residency. As a medical student, I worked with fellows at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center who completed their residency training at Cornell and I found that they served as ideal role models given their collegiality, professionalism, impressive knowledge, and groundbreaking research. I also found Cornell to be an ideal program given my interest in oncology and the extensive opportunities to train with world-renown leaders in the field at Weill Cornell and Memorial Sloan Kettering. During my interview, I also loved the supportive environment created by the faculty, staff and chief residents and the program’s dedication to research and teaching. As a categorical resident, I am confident that Cornell will train me to become the successful physician scientist that I have dedicated my life to becoming.

Shanna Tucker

Shanna Tucker, M.D.

I grew up in Los Angeles, CA, went to UC Berkeley for undergrad, and Harvard Medical School for medical school. I lived and worked in NYC for a few years before going to medical school and I knew I wanted to come back for residency because I love this city so much! I want to go into Primary Care so I wanted a residency program that had an excellent Primary Care program with lots of outpatient time and research exposure, but I also wanted to have very strong inpatient training and Cornell had both, making it my #1 choice! I also wanted a program that made diversity a priority and had a supportive environment. Our Minority House Staff Committee was also instrumental in my decision because it would allow me to continue working with SNMA (Student National Medical Association) and help with residency recruitment efforts

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