Current Research and Training Grants

Selected current research and training grants of the faculty and fellows in the Division of Infectious Diseases are listed below. There are opportunities for fellows to participate in these research projects, as well as with investigators at Rockefeller University or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute.

  1. NIH U01 AI69419. Research Training in Infectious Diseases. RM Gulick; MJ Glesby; K Marks; C Nathan. NIH T32 AI07613. (1999-2025)
  2. Weill Cornell Medical College-New Jersey Medical School Clinical Trials Unit (AIDS Clinical Trials Group and HIV Prevention Trials Network). RM Gulick; MJ Glesby; K Marks; M Vogler; TJ Wilkin. (2007-2021)
  3. NIH R01 AI131798. CTL-Mediated Elimination of Replication Competent vs. Defective HIV Proviruses from Natural Latent Reservoirs: Roles of Antigen Specificity and Functional Characteristics. RB Jones. (2017-2022)
  4. NIH R01 AI147845. Targeted delivery of cytopathicity enhancing agents, and co-ordination with shock and kill, to reduce HIV reservoirs. RB Jones. (2019-2024)
  5. NIH R01 AI146153. Role of translational polymerases in genome diversification of the malaria parasite. L Kirkman. (2019-24)
  6. NIH R01 AG063846. Harnessing single cell epigenome-wide profiling of myeloid cells to compare and contrast Alzheimer’s from HIV-associated cognitive dysfunction. L Ndhlovu. (2020-2025)
  7. NIH R01 DA052027. Development of brain organoids to study the impact of hiv-1, drugs of abuse and aging on cognitive impairment. N Nixon; L Ndhlovu. (2020-2025)
  8. NIH R01 MH112457. Effects of human galectin-9 on the CNS HIV reservoir. SK Pillai; J Joseph; L Ndhlovu. (2016-2021)
  9. NIH R01 AI142662. Effects of HIV SIV on unconventional t cells in immunity to M. tuberculosis in pre adolescents. C Scanga; J Miller; L Ndhlovu. (2019-2024)
  10. NIH R01 NS117458. Host glycomic modulation of HIV-associated neuro-inflammation during viral suppression. MM Abdel; M Wong; L Ndhlovu. (2020-2024)
  11. NIH 5 UM1 AI126617. Bench to Bed Enhanced Lymphocyte Infusions to Engineer Viral Eradication (BELIEVE). DF Nixon; RB Jones. (2016-2021)
  12. NIH R01 CA206488. HIV induced anti-cancer human endogenous retrovirus immunity in prostate, breast and colon cancers. D Nixon. (2016-2021)
  13. NIH UM1 AI104681. Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group. MJ Satlin (co-investigator). (PI: Vance Fowler; Henry Chambers.) (2019-2026)
  14. William Randolph Hearst Foundation. Clinical Scholar in Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. MJ Satlin. (2018-2021)
  15. NIH R01 AI151059. Metagenomic Profiling of Urinary Cell-Free DNA to Monitor Urinary Tract Infections after Kidney Transplantation. MJ Satlin (co-investigator). (PI: Iwijn de Vlaminck.) (2020-2025)
  16. Starr Cancer Consortium. Detection of Impending Infections in Immunocompromised Cancer Patients. MJ Satlin (co-investigator). (PI: Justin Cross.) (2020-2021)
  17. NIH R01 AI151038. Screening for Resistant Enteric Bacteria to Personalize Infection Prevention Strategies in Neutropenic Patients. PI: MJ Satlin. (2020-2024)
  18. Burroughs Wellcome Fund Physician-Scientist Institutional Award. Weill Cornell Medicine Physician-Scientist Academy. K Rhee. (2019-2024)
  19. NIH R25 AI140472. Tri-Institutional Training Program in Metabolomics. K Rhee. (2019-2024)
  20. NIH U19 AI111276. Molecular, Biomedical, and In Vivo Analysis of High and Low Transmission Mtb Strains. K Rhee (subcontract). (2019-2024)
  21. NIH U19 AI135976. Omics for TB: Response to Infection and Treatment. K Rhee (subcontract). (2018-2023)
  22. Harrington Scholar-Innovator Award, HDI193972-01. Pantothenamides Against Tuberculosis: Selective Inhibitors of the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Tubercle. K Rhee. (2020-2021)
  23. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, BMGF 204250. Metabolomics to Identify Synergistic TB targets. K Rhee. (2020-2023)
  24. NIH P01 AI143575. Pathway Analysis in Tuberculosis. K Rhee (core leader). (2020 - 2025)
  25. NIH U19 AI111143. Tri-Institutional Tuberculosis Research Unit: Latency and Persistence. C Nathan (PI); K Rhee (project leader). (2014-2021)

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