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Primary Care Graduates

Primary Care Graduates

Graduates of the Cornell Primary Care program pursue a variety of careers including academic clinician-educator, academic clinician-investigator, practice in community health, global health, public health, and private practice. Many undertake generalist fellowships including Infectious Disease, Geriatrics, Rheumatology, Adolescent Medicine, and General Internal Medicine. Our annual Primary Care Alumni night provides a structure for networking and mentoring amongst past graduates and current residents. Below, please find a list of recent graduates: 

  • Brittney Frankel, Faculty group practice, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Lauren Kelly, Geriatrics and Palliative Care fellow, Mount Sinai Medical Center 
  • Alexandra King, Primary Care Chief Resident, Weill Cornell Internal Medicine 
  • Shanna Tucker, Obesity Medicine fellow, New York University 
  • Gregory McWilliams, Faculty group practice with a focus on gay men’s health, Cornell Medical Associates 
  • Ryan Bober, Faculty group practice, Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care
  • Deborah Fung, Faculty group practice, NYP/Lower Manhattan
  • Mariella Ntamatungiro, Hospitalist medicine, NYP/Allen Hospital
  • Ilana Prior, Obesity Medicine fellow, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Masha Slavin, Primary Care Chief Resident, Weill Cornell Internal Medicine
  • Colleen Tenan, Primary Care group practice, Westchester NY
  • Rebecca Boas, Clinician Educator, New York University
  • Angela Condo, Geriatrics Fellow, Mount Sinai Medical Center
  • Elijah Douglass, Nocturnalist, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Kevin Liou, Integrative Medicine Fellow, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Elizabeth Park, Fellow in Rheumatology, Columbia Medical Center
  • Melissa Rusli, Primary Care Chief Resident, Weill Cornell Internal Medicine
  • Brett Ehrmann, Faculty group practice, Weill Cornell Medicine Primary Care
  • Jaime Fineman, Clinician Educator, Temple University
  • Michael Gao, Hospitalist, Silverman Innovations Fellow, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
  • Peggy Leung, Primary Care Chief Resident, Weill Cornell Internal Medicine
  • Derek Mazique, Quality Improvement Chief Resident, Weill Cornell Internal Medicine
  • Paul Lu, Clinician Educator, University of Pennsylvania
  • Sheena Mathew, Hospitalist Medicine, University of Virginia
  • Julie Nussbaum, Rheumatology Fellow, New York University
  • Madeline Sterling, General Internal Medicine Fellow, Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Cameron Webb, National White House Fellowship, Washington DC

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