Transplant Oncology Infectious Diseases Program

Immunocompromised hosts such as solid organ and bone marrow transplant recipients and those with hematologic malignancies are particularly susceptible to infections. Their immune systems are suppressed either due to treatments they receive or because of their underlying medical conditions. Often, they require specialized care.

At Weill Cornell Medicine, our physicians provide compassionate care to prevent, diagnose and manage infectious diseases in transplant recipients and patients with hematologic malignancies. Our infectious disease experts collaborate with oncology and transplant specialists, ensuring patients receive comprehensive and coordinated care.

Clinical Mission

Inpatient services

We provide inpatient consultations for hematologic malignancies, solid organ transplants, and bone marrow transplants. We also assist with pre-transplant evaluations.

Outpatient services

The Transplant Oncology Infectious Disease practice is in the Weill Greenberg Center, 1305 York Avenue, 4th floor.


The research mission of the Transplantation-Oncology Infectious Diseases Program is to develop new strategies for diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of life-threatening infections in immunocompromised patients with transplantation and neoplastic diseases through multidisciplinary translational research. The tools of this research include epidemiology, pathogenesis, host defenses, antimicrobial pharmacology, immunopharmacology, and molecular diagnostic microbiology; as well as clinical trials.

Clinical trials

As one of the leading academic medical centers in the country, Weill Cornell Medicine also has an infectious disease clinical research unit that offers clinical trials and give patients access to new and cutting-edge treatments for infection that may not be available elsewhere.


Residents and fellows interested in Transplant-Oncology ID rotate on our solid organ transplant, bone marrow transplant, and hematological malignancies services. Students and house staff have the opportunity to participate in multidisciplinary rounds with our transplant and oncology colleagues, perform pre-transplant evaluations, manage infections in the post-transplant period, and can develop research projects with mentors in the field. Read more about our infectious diseases fellowship program.

Our Team

Dr. Alexander Drelick
Alexander Drelick, M.D.
Dr. Rosy Priya Kodiyanplaskkal
Rosy Priya L Kodiyanplakkal, M.D.
Dr. Markus Plate
Markus Plate, M.D.
Dr. Michael Satlin
Michael Satlin, M.D.
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Catherine Butkus Small, M.D.
Dr. Rosemary Soave
Rosemary Soave, M.D.