Master of Science Degree Program in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services

The Masters Program in Clinical Epidemiology and Health Services Research is based in the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences. Accredited by the State of New York in 1995, it is designed to train physicians, nurses and experienced health professionals in clinical research methodology to enable them to conduct collaborative, question-driven methodologically rigorous clinical research in a multidisciplinary environment. The program emphasizes conceptual, methodological and practical foundations and provides a research experience that enables students to become independent investigators.

Students develop a basic knowledge of the disciplines of clinical epidemiology, health services research, biostatistics, health economics, qualitative research, clinimetrics, medical informatics, decision analysis, survey research, and behavioral science. They learn how and when to apply different research designs and methods. With appropriate training in a multidisciplinary context, students learn to communicate across and utilize a wide variety of methodological approaches and analytic techniques. They become skilled in the use of data management systems, the conceptual basis of statistical analysis, and the programs and techniques required to analyze their own data. Students also learn about the importance of adapting methods to different cultures, basics of behavioral science and health education, survey methodology, and the protection of human rights in clinical research.

Each Masters student is expected to successfully complete all required courses and to integrate the resultant knowledge and skills to design and conduct a research project in his or her own area of interest with close supervision by mentors. Masters students devote the major portion of their time (70%) to developing and conducting this project. The Program is designed to be completed within two years on a full-time basis, and up to four years on a part-time basis.

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Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluative Sciences Research

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