Musculoskeletal Infections

The care of patients with diverse musculoskeletal infections has constituted a critical part of the subspecialty of Infectious Diseases since the development of antibiotics, and remains so today. As populations of the aged and immunocompromised expand, as the microbiological and surgical complexities of patients increase, and as the indications for and popularity of orthopedic interventions continue to grow, the role of infectious disease-trained physicians in the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of these infections has grown. Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), across the street from New York Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell campus, specializes in the Orthopedic and Rheumatologic needs of patients. HSS is nationally ranked as #1 for Orthopedics and # 3 in Rheumatology (US News & World Report; 2019-2020) and has the highest volume of orthopedic surgery in the United States. Infectious diseases at HSS are likely to involve patients with infections of prosthetic joints or other orthopedic grafts and hardware, and patients with infectious complications of a variety of rheumatologic diseases. They may be immunosuppressed by their underlying collagen vascular disease or by their immunomodulatory therapy. The Infectious Diseases Fellowship rotation includes a substantial clinical exposure to our patient population, and the clinical problem-solving process we have developed to analyze, diagnose, and treat these patients.

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