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General Internal Medicine

Dr. Monika Safford

Monika Safford, M.D., Chief

Welcome to the Division of General Internal Medicine. Under the leadership of Dr. Monika Safford, our Division unifies the outpatient and inpatient internal medicine programs, previously known as Weill Cornell Internal Medicine Associates (WCIMA) and Hospital Medicine, bringing together more than 300 employed and voluntary faculty.

The tripartite mission of our Division is to:

  • Provide compassionate, comprehensive, coordinated and state of the art patient-centered care to every patient through evidence-based practice
  • Educate the next generation of internal medicine physicians
  • Optimize the overall health and well-being of patients and communities via collaborative research

Our multidisciplinary faculty is deeply committed to excellence and advancement in patient care via our hospital medicine and ambulatory care programs, resident and medical student education, and cutting edge research.

Our patient-centered research program focuses on optimizing the health and functioning of people living with chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity; cardiovascular disease prevention; health disparities and the care of vulnerable populations, both in the US and abroad; and clinical epidemiology with a focus on informing population health management.

The research program is funded by the NIH and the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and includes the REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke ancillary study focusing on coronary heart disease endpoints and psychosocial determinants of health. This national cohort study of over 30,000 black and white community-dwelling Americans has served as the platform for numerous studies elucidating subpopulations at risk for cardiovascular disease outcomes. It was also the first study to describe racial differences in urinary protein as a risk factor for stroke and heart attack; atrial fibrillation as a risk factor for heart attack; continued racial disparities in the risks of heart attack and especially death at presentation with heart disease; the harms of the Southern diet; and risks conferred by depressive symptoms and stress, among many others. The division’s research also includes several community-based trials that test interventions intended to improve health outcomes in disadvantaged populations.

Adult Internal Medicine

Dr. Judy Tung

Judy Tung, M.D.
Section Chief, Adult Internal Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian/Lower Manhattan Hospital-Weill Cornell Medicine

Under the leadership of Dr. Judy Tung, the Adult Internal Medicine program, previously known as Weill Cornell Internal Medicine Associates (WCIMA), includes more than 50 exceptional academic full time members that provide high quality and comprehensive primary care for a diverse group of adult patients representing a cross section of the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity that is New York City. This program, established as the Division of Ambulatory Medicine in 1968, has a long and distinguished history. During recent years, our ambulatory practices have expanded to various locations in the New York City area, including the Upper East Side, Lower Manhattan, and Long Island City, Queens.

Ambulatory services provided to our patients include preventive health care, treatment of acute and chronic illness, and the coordination of care for those with medical complexity. Patients at our ambulatory practices are cared for by a team of providers comprised of faculty attendings, nurse practitioners, and resident physicians in order to maximize expertise in various aspects of health care.

Patients are seen by a cadre of outstanding health care providers regardless of their insurance plan type. We serve as the primary site for general medicine ambulatory education for the Internal Medicine Residency training program.

Hospital Medicine

Dr. Arthur Evans

Arthur Evans, M.D., M.P.H.
Section Chief, Hospital Medicine

Under the leadership of Dr. Arthur Evans, the inpatient program has grown rapidly since its inception as the Division of Hospital Medicine in 2009. Today, this program includes over 60 exceptional faculty members from around the country. All faculty are board certified in internal medicine and many have additional training and subspecialty expertise, including infectious disease, emergency medicine, nephrology, critical care, medical informatics, pain management, quality improvement, and clinical research. On any given day our faculty provides care for over 200 inpatients at both the East and Lower Manhattan NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell campuses. Our physicians are responsible for the General Medicine Housestaff Service, the Medicine Consult Service, the Medicine-Orthopedics Trauma Service, and they oversee the Medicine-Physician Assistants Service.

Integrative Health and Wellbeing

Dr. Alka Gupta

Dr. Alka Gupta
Co-Director, Integrative Health

Dr. Chiti Parikh

Dr. Chiti Parikh
Co-Director, Integrative Health

Under the leadership of Drs. Alka Gupta and Chiti Parikh, the Integrative Health and Wellbeing program, launched in the spring of 2016, provides patient care centered on prevention, lifestyle medicine, and wellness. It also includes an emphasis on chronic disease and symptom management.

We currently offer integrative medicine physician consultations for all patients, and are rapidly expanding our team to offer additional therapeutic services such as nutrition consultation, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness instruction, acupuncture, psychiatric care, and massage therapy. We work with our patients to determine their individual goals. Care is delivered under the oversight of physicians who are certified in internal medicine and integrative medicine.

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General Internal Medicine

Monika Safford, M.D., Chief

Anita Mesi, Administrator
Tel: (212) 746-3443
Fax: (212) 746-1014

Adult Internal Medicine

Judy Tung, M.D., Section Chief

Hospital Medicine

Arthur Evans, M.D., M.P.H., Section Chief

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