Educational Conferences

A variety of conferences are offered to support the education and training of PCCM Fellows.

Core Conferences

Core Curriculum Series in Pulmonary Medicine

A lecture series on the core topics in pulmonary medicine taught by members of the pulmonary division, as well as other departments including radiology, pathology, and infectious diseases, among others.

Core Curriculum Series in Critical Care

A joint critical care lecture series attended by critical care fellows and faculty from departments of Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, Anesthesia, Burns, and Surgery.

Interstitial Lung Disease Multidisciplinary Conference/ILD Non-Radiology/Pathology (CME)

Multidisciplinary discussion is considered the gold standard for diagnosis of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia. Weill Cornell Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center host a monthly joint multidisciplinary discussion group of clinicians, radiologists and pathologists specializing in interstitial lung disease. Clinicians present the history of new cases of interstitial lung disease while radiologists and pathologists discuss the pertinent imaging and biopsy findings.

Pulmonary Case Conference (CME)

A biweekly conference where fellows and faculty present ongoing cases on the consult service or in the outpatient practice.

Pulmonary Clinical Radiology Pathology Case Conference (CME)

A monthly conference where fellows present unique or educational cases over the last month. Our dedicated thoracic radiologists and pathologists then discuss the pertinent radiology and pathology findings.

MICU Case Conference (CME)

A biweekly informal conference where fellows and attendings in the MICU discuss noteworthy or educational cases as well as practical lessons in the management of critically ill patients.

Journal Club

A monthly journal club where fellows review recent key literature in pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Pulmonary and Critical Care Basic and Translational Research Conference

Biweekly conference with research in progress presentations alternating with PCCM Grand Rounds with both internal and external speakers as well as trainees. Opportunity for junior trainees to interact with potential mentors and for more senior trainees to receive feedback from senior researchers.

Other Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly Conferences

Joint Pulmonary & Thoracic Surgery Case Conference (CME)
Multidisciplinary Pulmonary, Thoracic Surgery & Radiology Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction Conference
Thoracic Tumor Board

A multidisciplinary conference where pulmonologists, radiologists, thoracic surgeons, oncologists, and radiation oncologists meet to discuss diagnosis and management of patients with pulmonary nodules and thoracic malignancies.

Medicine Grand Rounds
Chest Radiology Review
Lung Biology Working Group
Point of Care Ultrasound Conference (POCUS)
Briscoe-King Lung Club (Quarterly)

A quarterly research conference attended by academic centers throughout the New York metropolitan area. Investigators are invited to share their work to foster feedback and collaboration between institutions.

Inter-ICU Conference
MICU Faculty Care Continuity Conference
Outpatient Pulmonary Conference
Clinical Research Conference

This is a bi-weekly conference open to all trainees, faculty, and their collaborators at WCMC. The conference is designed to facilitate discussion around a range of topics related to ongoing research projects in the division. The goal is to provide trainees and faculty a place to discuss their ongoing work, receive feedback from junior and senior colleagues, and foster collaboration. Examples of the topics covered include: presentation of grants in progress, new project ideas, research methodology, discussion of conference abstracts, and manuscripts in progress. Trainees are encouraged to present throughout the year.

Clinical ILD Group Meeting (CME)

Annual Conferences

Weill Cornell Medicine – Royal Brompton Hospital/National Heart Lung Institute-Imperial College London Annual Research Conference

An annual meeting established in 2016 as a joint collaboration between Weill Cornell Medicine and the Royal Brompton Hospital in London, UK. The two institutions take turns hosting a two day conference where senior and junior researchers present their current work to foster interinstitutional communication and collaboration. The Royal Brompton Hospital, with its academic collaboration with the National Heart Lung Institute at Imperial College London, is one of the premier leaders in the field of pulmonary research.

Sample Monthly Conference Schedule


Week 1

12 pm: Chest Radiology Review

1 pm: Pulmonary Conference

8 am: Medicine Grand Rounds

4 pm: Thoracic Tumor Board

5:30 pm: Briscoe-King Lung Club

8 am: Journal Club

2 pm: MICU Case Conference

Week 2

1 pm: Critical Care Conference

12 pm: Chest Radiology Review

1 pm: Pulmonary Conference

8 am: Medicine Grand Rounds

4 pm: Thoracic Tumor Board

5 pm: ILD Conference

7 am: Inter ICU

1 pm: Pulmonary Basic & Translational Research Conference

Week 3

1 pm: Multidisciplinary Critical Care Conference

12 pm: Chest Radiology Review

1 pm: Pulmonary Conference

8 am: Medicine Grand Rounds

4 pm: Thoracic Tumor Board

5 pm: ILD Non Path

1 pm: PFT Rounds

2 pm: MICU Case Conference

Week 4

1 pm: Critical Care Conference

12 pm: Chest Radiology Review

1 pm: Pulmonary Conference

8 am: Medicine Grand Rounds

4 pm: Thoracic Tumor Board

5 pm: Case Conference RPC

1 pm: Pulmonary Basic & Translational Research Conference

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

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