Education and Quality

As medical education leaders in the medical school and the medical wards, our Division is uniquely positioned to facilitate fellows becoming future thought leaders in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine. Fellows participate in problem-based learning during the pulmonary section of the medical school curriculum and teach a rigorous ICU curriculum to the medical residents during their ICU rotations. Opportunities for research in medical education and quality improvement include study design around procedure simulation training, quality projects supported with institutional funding, and before-after studies based around curriculum design. Additional educational opportunities are available including the Master’s in Clinical Epidemiology & Health Services Research which is available to fellows.

David Berlin
David A Berlin, M.D.
  • Development of critical care physiology curriculum
Dr. Mary Charlson
Mary E Charlson, M.D.
  • Randomized controlled trials for targeted interventions to change patient behavior and improve health related to epidemics
Dr. Kirana Gudi
Kirana Gudi, M.D.
  • Simulation training in ICU procedures
Dr. Bradley Hayward
Bradley Hayward, M.D.
  • Interventions to improve internal medicine resident mental health while rotating through the medical ICU
Dr. Rainu Kaushal
Rainu Kaushal, M.D.
  • Policy research related to patient safety, quality of care, health information technology, and new models of healthcare delivery
Dr. Kapil Rajwani
Kapil Rajwani, M.D.
  • Before-after studies of advanced procedure training in bedside tracheostomy
Dr. Meredith L. Turetz
Meredith L. Turetz, M.D.
  • Quality improvement in the inpatient care of patients with COPD

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Fellowship

Meredith Turetz, M.D., Program Director
Robert Kaner, M.D., Associate Program Director
Bradley Hayward, M.D., Associate Program Director

Patrycja Golinska, M.S., Program Administrator

Su (Emily) Thaw, Program Coordinator 

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