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Dr. Martinez and Colleagues Highlighted in NYP’s Advances Newsletter: Multipronged Management of Interstitial Lung Disease

With more than 200 pulmonary disorders that fall under the umbrella of ILD, patient evaluation, proper diagnosis, and determining the best treatment is of the utmost importance.

Key Finding Published in Cell on ILC3s and Protection Against Colorectal Cancer

Artistic rendering of a tumor growing within a colon
Drs. Gregory Sonnenberg, Jeremy Goc, and Manish Shah have discovered that innate lymphoid cells protect against colorectal cancer, in part, by helping to maintain a healthy dialogue between the immune system and gut microbes.

Dr. Ndhlovu Appointed as Principal Investigator of the HOPE Collaboratory

Dr. Lishomwa Ndhlovu
The HOPE (HIV Obstruction by Programmed Epigenetics) Collaboratory represents a completely new strategy for curing HIV. Utilizing previous knowledge regarding how other viruses have become naturally inactivated over time, the HOPE approach aims to silence and permanently remove HIV from the body.

Goncalves Lab at the Forefront of Research Showing How Fructose in the Diet Contributes to Obesity

Dr. Marcus DaSilva Goncalves
Dr. Goncalves and colleagues have published a paper in Nature demonstrating that a high-fructose diet promotes the elongation of intestinal villi.

Dr. Jones Appointed as Principal Investigator of REACH: $28.5 Million NIH-funded Grant

Dr. Brad Jones
As part of The Martin Delaney Collaboratories, which is an NIH flagship funding mechanism, Dr. Jones will be leading REACH (Research Enterprise to Advance a Cure for HIV) in pursuit of a cure for HIV.

Documenting the Impact of HIV on the Host Epigenome During the Earliest Stages of HIV Infection

The research from Drs. Ndhlovu and Corley finds that abrupt and altered cell-type specific DNA methylation profiles in blood, seen during acute HIV infection, persist despite prompt initiation of antiretroviral therapy.

Second Annual Meeting on Advances on Nuclear Topology and 3D Chromatin Architecture in Cancer

On Friday, September 24, 2021, the Second Annual Meeting on Advances on Nuclear Topology and 3D Chromatin Architecture in Cancer will be held as a FREE virtual symposium.

Tammy Snyder, MPH, Appointed as Chief Administrative Officer in the Weill Department of Medicine

Tammy Snyder
In this key leadership role, Tammy will be directing administrative and business activities within the department, including finance, accounting, research administration, clinical operations, capital planning, academic appointments, and education.

Dr. Brown Appointed as Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Dr. Robert Brown
Dr. Brown is the co-founder and Director of the bi-campus Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at NYP. He has been an integral part of the liver transplant effort at Weill Cornell since 1999 and joined the faculty full-time in 2015.

Division of General Internal Medicine: Fourth Annual Primary Care & Hospital Medicine Innovations Symposium

This year the PCI program provided $175,000 to fund 11 innovative interdisciplinary projects across the campus consisting of 8 faculty, 1 resident, and 2 student awardees in various topics related to primary care.

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