LGBTQIA+ Trauma Treatment Program

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The Weill Cornell Medicine LGBTQIA+ Trauma Treatment Program is an outpatient, evidence based treatment psychotherapy program that focuses on healing developmental and adult trauma in LGBTQIA+ individuals.

The LGBTQIA population experiences trauma on a number of levels including community wide trauma, familial trauma, and individual trauma. Members of the LGBTQIA population have a greater likelihood of having endured childhood trauma due to their perceived sexual orientation and mistreatment from peers and family. As adults, members of the LGBTQIA population are more at risk for violence and discrimination, and many suffer from PTSD due to loss of friends and lovers to AIDS.

Weill Cornell Medicine Public Health Programs faculty and clinical staff are trained in how to address PTSD and related issues using a tri-phasic approach of stabilization, traumatic memory processing and reintegration. Faculty and staff are trained in EMDR, an evidence based therapeutic intervention which is a gold standard for treating this type of trauma. Faculty and staff also employ a variety of techniques including mindfulness interventions, cognitive therapies, Internal Family Systems, and psychodynamic informed psychotherapy. EEG Neurofeedback is also used in stabilization.  Motivational Interviewing and Harm reduction techniques, as well as abstinence based methods round out the treatment modalities offered as ways to address alcohol abuse and chemical and process addictions, which are often present in those suffering from PTSD.


Individual and group psychotherapy including EMDR therapy are available by appointment, both in-person and virtually.


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