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Headstrong Project Receives the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge: A Model of Success for the Treatment of PTSD

Dr. Ann Beeder
Morgan Stanley's Strategy Challenge unites top-performing employees from across its firm for an eight-week pro bono consulting project that helps nonprofit partners to achieve their potential and amplify impact. A model of success for the treatment of PTSD in combat veterans, The Headstrong Project has provided tailored clinical treatment to post 9/11 combat veterans in NYC since 2012.

The Headstrong Project Rings the Bell at the NYSE Raising Awareness for Veterans with PTSD

Weill Cornell Medicine Headstrong Project
The Headstrong Project offers evidence-based treatment for combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). The ringing of the NYSE opening bell helped to raise awareness and support for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who suffer from PTSD.

Public Health Programs

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