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Dr. Adelman’s Training Program for Medical Students Featured in The New York Times

Dr. Ronald Adelman

Dr. Ronald Adelman, Co-Chief, Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, was quoted in The New York Times in a feature article that highlights one of his Division’s training programs for Weill Cornell medical students entitled, “Introduction to the Geriatric Patient.” The NYT article – “Every Older Patient Has a Story. Medical Students Need to Hear It.” – describes how Dr. Adelman’s training program enables students to learn first-hand about ageism in the medical field by meeting and talking with seniors in the community. Dr. Adelman’s anti-ageism efforts have been part of a long-standing movement that has led to significant improvements towards mitigating ageism in the doctor-patient relationship.

As part of Dr. Adelman’s and Dr. Ronnie LoFaso's training program, medical students are afforded the opportunity of talking with seniors about all aspects of their lives, from physical and psychological challenges, to social activities and interpersonal relationships. As the NYT article reveals, students are often surprised by what they hear. They also learn about examples of ageism that patients have experienced in the medical setting.

Also noted in the NYT article was Dr. Lo Faso, who guided the training session and who has led the division’s House Calls Program for more than two decades. The House Calls Program continues to serve senior patients in New York City by bringing physicians directly to their homes.

As one of the seniors who participated in the training sessions said --It is important for the students to know that life doesn’t stop as you get older!