Dr. Blander Receives Outstanding Scientific Achievements Award from the European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society

Dr. Julie Magarian Blander

Dr. Julie Magarian Blander, Gladys and Roland Harriman Professor of Immunology in Medicine, WDOM, has received the Outstanding Scientific Achievements Award presented by the European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society (EMDS). This award recognizes exceptional researchers whose scientific excellence and pioneering work have significantly advanced scientific development for the benefit of humanity. Professor Blander will receive the award at the Society’s 2022 meeting which will take place on September 19th-21st in Bonn, Germany.

Dr. Blander received her Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh studying tumor immunology under the mentorship of Prof. Olivera Finn and conducted postdoctoral training with Prof. Charles Janeway and Prof. Ruslan Medzhitov at Yale University pioneering the study of the impact of Toll-like receptors on macrophage and dendritic cell function.

The Blander Lab studies various aspects of innate immunity and inflammation and their application to human disease. Research is focused on infection, cancer and chronic inflammation with the goal of creating treatments and vaccines against disease. The Blander laboratory is located at Weill Cornell Medicine, within The Jill Roberts Institute for Research in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Prof. Blander holds a secondary appointment within the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at WCM and is a member of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center.