Headstrong Project Receives the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge: A Model of Success for the Treatment of PTSD

Dr. Ann Beeder

The Weill Cornell Headstrong Project has been selected by Morgan Stanley as one of nine recipients to receive the Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge. The Headstrong Project is co-directed by Dr. Ann Beeder, Chief of the Division of Public Health Programs. The "Challenge" will assist the Headstrong Program in NYC to replicate their model of treatment for PTSD in post-9/11 veterans who live in other cities in the U.S.

Morgan Stanley's Strategy Challenge unites top-performing employees from across its firm for an eight-week pro bono consulting project that helps nonprofit partners to achieve their potential and amplify impact. A model of success for the treatment of PTSD in combat veterans, The Headstrong Project has provided tailored clinical treatment to post 9/11 combat veterans in NYC since 2012. With the pro bono services of employees from Morgan Stanley, The Headstrong Project's key drivers will be analyzed and strategies will be implemented to positively impact communities outside of NYC. Launched in 2009, Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge teams have cumulatively delivered more than 45,000 hours of pro bono service and nearly 7 million dollars worth of services to dozens of nonprofit organizations.

"We are honored to have been chosen by Morgan Stanley for this 8-week team effort in which we will find answers to strategic questions that will enable the Headstrong Project to be replicated in other cities. This is an exciting time for our division as we look forward to bringing needed assistance to post-9/11 veterans living across the country. Morgan Stanley is supporting this 'mission-critical' strategic issue by drawing on our integrated and qualitative expertise in the area of PTSD," said Dr. Beeder.

Beginning at the kickoff on April 1, Dr. Beeder and others in her division will work with a diverse team of vice presidents and a managing director adviser from Morgan Stanley. Planning will occur both at Morgan Stanley and on campus, including one of the Division of Public Health Program's clinical sites, the Midtown Center for Treatment and Research, where a separate track for veterans being treated for alcohol and substance use has been developed.

Weill Cornell's Headstrong Project offers evidence-based treatment for combat veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome. The individually tailored treatment is free and confidential for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans in the NYC and tri-state areas.