Dr. Fins Receives Brain Initiative Grant from the NIH

Dr. Joseph Fins

Dr. Joseph J. Fins, E. William Davis, Jr., Professor of Medical Ethics, Professor of Medicine, and Chief of the Division of Medical Ethics, has received a RO1 grant from the NIH BRAIN Initiative entitled “Cognitive Restoration: Neuroethics and Disability Rights.” The grant seeks to understand the opportunities and challenges posed by cognitive restoration for people with severe to moderate traumatic brain injury in the context of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Dr. Fins’s study is a companion grant to the “Central Thalamic Stimulation for Traumatic Brain Injury” grant directed by Dr. Nicholas D. Schiff, the Jerold B. Katz Professor of Neurology. Dr. Fins’s investigations are being conducted in conjunction with Yale Law School. Drs. Fins and Schiff co-direct the CASBI, the Consortium for the Advanced Study of Brain Injury at WCM.