Dr. Fins Speaks at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences’ Workshop Held in Vatican City

Dr. Joseph Fins

Dr. Joseph J. Fins, Chief of the Division of Medical Ethics and the E. William Davis, Jr., M.D. Professor of Medical Ethics, was one of 15 world leaders in biomedical sciences and ethics to speak at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences’ Workshop held in the Vatican City on April 8 and 9, 2019. Personalized medicine was the featured topic, and discussions ranged from the costs of personalized medicine to ensuring ethical standards that are in time with a fast-paced technological age in medicine. Dr. Fins, who co-directs the Consortium for the Advanced Study of Brain Injury (CASBI) at Weill Cornell Medicine, spoke on the need for a personalized approach in diagnosing and treating patients with severe brain injury.

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