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Dr. Hollenberg Receives the 2018 Sidney H. Ingbar Distinguished Lectureship Award

Dr. Anthony Hollenberg

Dr. Anthony Hollenberg, Chair, Weill Department of Medicine, has received the American Thyroid Association’s 2018 Sidney H. Ingbar Distinguished Lectureship Award. The coveted award honors an established investigator who has made outstanding contributions to thyroid-related research over the course of many years. It is named in memory of Dr. Ingbar, who pioneered many innovations in thyroid disease and served as Chief of Beth Israel’s Thyroid Unit and Division of Endocrinology, positions previously held by Dr. Hollenberg.

Recognized for his seminal research on thyroid hormone receptor action and function, Dr. Hollenberg delivered his “distinguished” lecture - “New Insights into Thyroid Hormone Action” – at the American Thyroid Association’s Annual Meeting held in early October. Among the first to identify that thyrotropin-releasing hormone neurons in the hypothalamus serve as integrators of metabolic input, Dr. Hollenberg has remained at the forefront of major breakthroughs in thyroid research. Recently, he expanded his research to include a new program focused on the development of functioning thyroid follicular cells from embryonic stem cells. Dr. Hollenberg has led an independent research laboratory since 1993 and has garnered continuous funding from the NIH for more than 20 years. He has published more than 100 publications in the top tier journals and has mentored and trained 100-plus graduate students and laboratory trainees. His honors include the American Thyroid Association’s Van Meter Award and the British Endocrine Society’s Pitt Rivers Award.

The American Thyroid Association (ATA) is the leading organization in the field of thyroid disorders and thyroid cancer with membership totaling more than 1,700 from 43 countries. The organization celebrated its 95th anniversary in 2018.