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Dr. Janey Peterson Receives Beeson Career Development Award in Aging Research

Dr. Janey Peterson, Assistant Professor of Clinical Epidemiology in the Division of Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluative Sciences Research, was recently awarded the prestigious Paul B. Beeson Career Development Award in Aging Research from the National Institute on Aging and the American Federation for Aging. Dr. Peterson, who is the first recipient of this award to hold a nursing degree, has collaborated on many projects and papers in the peer-reviewed journals with Drs. Mary Charlson (Division Chief), Carla Boutin-Foster, and other colleagues in her division. Known for her outstanding skills as a clinical epidemiologist and behavioral scientist, her award is a four-year grant in the amount of $720,596 and will further the development of a physical activity intervention for older adults with multiple high-risk chronic diseases. Dr. Mark Lachs, Co-Chief, Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology, stated, "I congratulate Dr. Peterson on receiving this prestigious and most deserved award, which reflects her dedication to improving the lives of older adults."