Dr. Rafii and Collaborators Publish Stem Cell Breakthrough in Nature

Dr. Shahin Rafii, Chief of the Division of Regenerative Medicine, along with his team of scientists and other expert collaborators, have published a paper in Nature that describes a new method to make an unlimited supply of healthy blood cells from the readily available cells that line blood vessels. This is a landmark discovery in stem cell research and the first time that any research group has generated such blood-forming stem cells.

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Nature study co-authors

Study co-authors, from left: Dr. Joseph Scandura, Dr. Raphael Lis, Dr. Jason Butler, Dr. Michael Poulos, Balvir Kunar Jr., Chaitanya R. Badwe, Dr. Koji Shido, Dr. Zev Rozenwaks, Jose-Gabriel Barcia-Duran, Dr. Shahin Rafii and Dr. Jenny Xiang. Not pictured: Charles Karrasch, David Redmond, Dr. Will Schachterle, Dr. Michael Ginsberg, Dr. Arash Rafii and Dr. Olivier Elemento.

Photo credit: Michael Gutkin