Regenerative Medicine

Physician-Scientists in the Weill Department of Medicine Inducted into ASCI and AAP

The WDOM congratulates four of its physician-scientists who have recently been inducted into top-tier medical societies: Dr. Longman and Dr. Schwartz (ASCI); Dr. Fins and Dr. Rafii (AAP).

Dr. Zhou and Colleagues Publish Key Findings in Cell Stem Cell on Role Gene SATB2 Plays in the Colon Lining

Dr. Joe Zhou
These findings have opened a window into the development of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as well as insights into a rare syndrome in which the SATB2 gene is disrupted.

Fund for the Future Awards Announced: Advancing Research Careers of Junior Faculty

The Fund for the Future award supports selected junior faculty during the crucial period of career development spanning completion of research training through the early years of their first faculty position at WCM.

Dr. Rafii Wins NIH Outstanding Investigator Award: A New Era in Modern Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Shahin Rafii
The award, which will support Dr. Rafii’s project to accelerate regenerative medicine technology, provides $1 million per year (including direct and indirect costs) for seven years.

Dr. Rafii and Collaborators Publish Stem Cell Breakthrough in Nature

Dr. Shahin Rafii
The study describes a new method to make an unlimited supply of healthy blood cells from the readily available cells that line blood vessels. This is the first time that any research group has generated such blood-forming stem cells.

Regenerative Medicine

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