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Sport a new hairstyle or make a donation to support the work of our healthcare heroes!

#HairstylesForHeroes is a fundraising initiative to support Weill Cornell Medicine’s Department of Medicine junior faculty members and trainees. Many have bravely stepped to the front lines of the pandemic response, often working tirelessly to care for people with COVID-19. Others have graciously answered the call to pause their scientific research and other academic projects — years-long commitments to pioneering improvements in medicine — in order to contribute to urgent patient care. Our healthcare heroes are the future of medicine, and their work bears the potential to enhance the lives and health of countless people in New York City and around the world.

Over 550 junior faculty, fellows and residents at our UES/LMH locations serve as part of Weill Cornell’s Department of Medicine. Support for #HairstylesForHeroes is an accelerant to support the academic efforts of this community of faculty — whose work has been impacted, and often delayed, by the need to join the COVID-19 response.

Your partnership will help revitalize the careers of Weill Cornell Medicine’s junior faculty and trainees who have served on the front lines of patient care since March and amplify their work during the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic response.

As a tribute to our faculty and trainees, Department Chair Dr. Anthony Hollenberg and Executive Vice Chair and Senior Associate Dean for Innovation and Initiatives, Dr. John Leonard, are each committed to sporting a new hairstyle (think: mohawk, mullet, hair dye) when this campaign meets its goal of $50,000. The more funding that is raised, the more days these hairstyles will remain in place. Many others in our community are poised to join their pledge – please join us in this effort!

Follow @THollenbergMD and @JohnPLeonardMD on Twitter, and stay tuned to the hashtag #HairstylesForHeroes to help us recognize our team for their efforts and to join in this initiative including photos and videos, inspiring stories from our healthcare heroes, fundraising progress updates and more.

Thank you for your support!

#HairstylesForHeroes group photo