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New Clinic Launched in Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Cornell Post-ICU Recovery (CPR) Clinic

Dr. Lindsay Lief

The Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine has established a new clinic for post-ICU recovery (CPR) led by Dr. Lindsay Lief. The clinic is housed within Weill Cornell Medicine Pulmonary Associates located at 425 East 61 Street.

Experts in intensive care will see patients in follow-up after an ICU admission either from NYP/Weill Cornell or other institutions. ICU survivors are at risk for post-intensive care syndrome (PICS) which can have effects on mental and physical health, cognitive function and the ability to care for oneself and go back to work. This practice will focus on ensuring ICU survivors have everything they need to allow the fullest recovery—from medications and equipment—to physical therapy and quality sleep.

The CPR clinic understands that a robust recovery almost always involves family and friends and prides itself on prioritizing communication with not only patients, but also families, loved ones, and the patient’s primary care doctor.