NIAID Renews HIV Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) Grant: Advancing Prevention and Treatment Research for HIV

Dr. Roy Gulick

Dr. Roy M. Gulick

Dr. Roy M. Gulick, Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, WDOM, and colleagues have received a renewal from the NIAID in support of their HIV CTU grant in the amount of $18.9 million through 2027. The renewal provides funding for both the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) and the HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN).

Led by Principal Investigator Dr. Gulick, the Rochelle Belfer Professor in Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, the research team is housed within the Weill Cornell Medicine-New Jersey Medical School Clinical Trials Unit (WCM-NJMS CTU). Drawing from a diverse patient population, the WCM-NJMS team will be performing research at three sites: Weill Cornell Medicine-Uptown, Weill Cornell Medicine-Chelsea and Rutgers-NJMS in Newark. Areas of investigation are wide-ranging and include: new HIV drug delivery formats; new approaches for treating coinfections that can occur with HIV; treatments for hepatitis C coinfection; ways to reduce and manage side effects associated with HIV treatments; exploration of aging and HIV; and early studies that explore HIV cure strategies. In addition, the WCM-NJMS CTU has long been recognized as an established leader in the recruitment and management of clinical trials and was thus recently tapped to participate in COVID-19 research.

“Over the years, we have participated in breakthrough advances in HIV treatment, and more recently, HIV prevention,” says Dr. Gulick. “But there are a number of important, unanswered questions. We look forward to tackling them with our renewed grant.”

Weill Cornell is distinguished for being NIH-funded since 1987 to do HIV clinical trials. The WCM-NJMS CTU is supported by NIAID with NIH grant number 2 UM1 AI069419-15.

The WDOM congratulates Dr. Gulick and colleagues on receiving this prestigious grant renewal.

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