Summer 2023 Banner Year for General Internal Medicine Internship Program

Earlier this year, the Division of General Internal Medicine (GIM) saw 800 applicants pursue placement in the highly competitive Anita Mesi GIM Internship program. Founded in 2018 by Anita Mesi, M.B.A., GIM’s first Administrative Officer, the Anita Mesi GIM Internship program offers an array of internship opportunities for high school, college, and graduate students. Participants have meaningful exposure to the diverse career opportunities in academic medicine in general and general internal medicine specifically. Students can select topics of personal interest, including quality improvement, health care operations, and research in a wide variety of areas including cancer, congestive heart failure, hypertension, arthritis, and home health care, all with an emphasis on diversity and health equity. Onsite and hybrid opportunities are available.

Out of the hundreds of applicants each year, only 10-14 interns are selected. This summer, GIM placed 10 interns from Cornell University, Barnard College, the University of California -Berkeley, Tufts University, St. John’s University, and Weill Cornell Medicine. In past years, interns have hailed from New York University, Brown University, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of Alabama. Some interns have returned as full-time research assistants, and many have gone on to successfully apply to medical school.

“This internship program embodies what GIM is all about,” says Dr. Monika Safford, the John J. Kuiper Professor of Medicine and Chief of the division of General Internal Medicine. “The breadth of areas that interns can experience is very much in line with the philosophy of generalism. We are lucky to have faculty and administrative leaders who are devoted to the next generation of GIM faculty, staff, and administrators that make this such a great program.”

Applications for next year will open on January 2, 2024. Potential applicants are encouraged to learn more about the program and view testimonials by visiting our website.