Weill Cornell Department of Medicine's Employee Recognition Program: Three Superstars Announced

The Employee Recognition Review Committee (R3) of the Weill Department of Medicine completed its bimonthly review of all nominees, and three "superstar" winners were announced: Sarah Ahmad, Program Specialist, and Sarah Schneider, ANP-BC, Staff Associate/Nurse Practitioner, both from the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology, and Lisette Torres, Senior Patient Coordinator, Division of Cardiology.

Lisette Torres was noted for her ability to seamlessly coordinate patient appointments and to anticipate next steps in the clinical setting in order to provide the highest level of patient care. Sarah Schneider, a six-year employee at the Breast Center, was recognized for her remarkable efforts in implementing several new programs, as well as the development of innovative treatment and survivorship plans. A fellowship coordinator in her division since 2013, Sarah Ahmad is known for her pursuit of knowledge and actively sharing the new skills she learns with other coordinators. She also frequently devotes extra hours on the job.

A "star performer" was also announced this cycle: Karen Pekle, NP, has been a staff member with the Multiple Myeloma Center, Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology, since its inception at Weill Cornell Medical Center. She has been instrumental in the implementation of many of the clinical and patient care policies that are still in effect at the Center.

Star Performer

L to R: Paula Goldstein (Division Administrator), Matthew Calhoun (Administrative Coordinator), Sarah Ahmad (Program Specialist), David Nanus, M.D. (Chief, Hematology/Medical Oncology)

Star Performer

L to R: Sarah Schneider (Staff Associate/Nurse Practitioner), Anne Moore, MD (Medical Director, Weill Cornell Breast Center), Paula Goldstein (Division Administrator)

L to R: Lisette Torres (Senior Patient Coordinator), Rajesh Swaminathan, M.D. (Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiology), Kristin Seara (Operations Administrator)