Weill Cornell Department of Medicine's Employee Recognition Program Announces Winners

The Results, Rewards and Recognition Committee (R3) of the Weill Department of Medicine completed its bimonthly review. The Super Star winners were Michelle Delacruz, Senior Patient Coordinator, Division of Cardiology, and Marivel Assad, Account Administrator, Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology.

Michelle Delacruz was noted for delivering exceptional customer service in her interactions with patients over the phone. Her outstanding performance was acknowledged across the board by patients, physicians, and administrative supervisors. Marivel Assad demonstrated extraordinary service by incorporating additional duties, working late, and managing an increased workload with ease. She is also known for her proficiency in computer programs.

Star Performer winners for this cycle:

Ariana Estrella – Patient Coordinator (Cardiology)
Marina Smolensky – Senior Vascular Technologist (Cardiology)
Nydia Kappstatter – Clinical Technician (Cardiology)
Regina Pascale – Echocardiography Specialist (Cardiology)
Anita Washington – Senior Patient Coordinator (Gastroenterology & Hepatology)

Star Performer

L to R: Debbie Dimanche (Divisional Administrator), Marivel Assad (Senior Patient Coordinator), Annette Ocasio (Practice Administrator)

Star Performer

L to R: Dr. Harsimran Singh, Michelle Delacruz (Senior Patient Coordinator), Ann Matier (Division Administrator)