Weill Cornell Department of Medicine's Employee Recognition Program Announces Winners

The Results, Rewards and Recognition Committee (R3) of the Weill Department of Medicine completed its bimonthly review. The Super Star winners were Angie McNally, Administrative Specialist, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, and Allison Lasky, Administrative Coordinator, Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Care Medicine.

Angie McNally was noted for her ability to adapt to the ever-changing needs that arise within her division and for being highly adept at calendar scheduling. Her strong dedication and enthusiasm for her work were also highlighted. Allison Lasky was noted for taking on additional assignments with great energy and for her exceptional organizational abilities. She is also known for fostering a team spirit within her division, making herself an expert in whatever task she is given, and for her love of educational programs.

Star Performer winners for this cycle:

Carmen Checo – Transition Coordinator (Hospital Medicine)
Charlene Goodin – Patient Coordinator (Cardiology)
Jacqueline Graham – Patient Coordinator (Cardiology)
Gladys Rodriguez – Clinical Technician (Cardiology)
Kathryn Zhu – Transition Coordinator (Hospital Medicine)

Star Performer

L to R: Cory Henkel (Division Administrator), Dr. Mark Lachs, Allison Lasky (Administrative Coordinator), Dr. Ronald Adelman

Star Performer

L to R: Dr. David Berlin, Angie McNally (Administrative Specialist), Kathy Rosenberg (Division Administrator)