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WDOM Faculty Forge New Lines of Study on COVID-19: Multiple Papers Published in Top Tier Journals

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, faculty from across the Weill Department of Medicine have been pursuing critical research. A variety of study lines have been unfolding and faculty members are publishing key papers in top tier journals. Highlights include:

Dr. Parag Goyal

Assistant Professor of Medicine
(The New England Journal of Medicine)

Topic: Clinical Characteristics of Covid-19 in New York City

Dr. Kelly Griffin

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine
(American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine)

Topic: Hospital Preparedness for COVID 19

Dr. Roy M. Gulick

Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases, WDOM
(Co-Chair of the NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines)

Dr. Jeffrey Laurence

Professor of Medicine
(Translation Research)

Topic: Complement associated microvascular injury and thrombosis in the pathogenesis of severe COVID-19 infection