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General Internal Medicine Research Fellows

Current Fellows

Dr. Puja Chebrolu
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Puja Chebrolu, M.D.
  • Class of 2021
  • Global Health Research Fellow
  • Instructor in Medicine

Dr. Chebrolu’s work focuses on understanding the phenomenon of lean diabetes in South Asia as well as the early onset and greater severity of non-communicable diseases seen in the developing world. Current projects include studying the prevalence and risk factors of gestational diabetes in Pune, India, and risk factors for hypertension in the same area.

Dr. Christopher Gonzalez
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Christopher Gonzalez, M.D.
  • Class of 2021
  • Fellow in Medicine

Dr. Gonzalez's research assesses the social determinants contributing to the health of Latinx communities, with a focus on understanding the social and cultural behaviors that can be leveraged to address existing inequities. Current projects include studying social network characteristics protective against obesity and obesity-related behaviors in Latinx youth, and exploring socioeconomic factors contributing to risks and outcomes of COVID-19.

Dr. Lily Yan
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Lily Yan, M.D.
  • Class of 2023
  • Global Health Research Fellow
  • Instructor in Medicine

Dr. Yan’s work focuses on global health and primary care, creating and measuring quality in healthcare, and noncommunicable diseases, particularly in low and middle income countries.

Recent Graduates

Dr. Parag Goyal
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Parag Goyal, M.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Goyal’s work focuses on quality of life and well-being in older adults with heart failure, with a focus on deprescribing medications. He has been funded by the Merle Samuels Foundation, AHA, and NIA since joining the faculty of General Internal Medicine.

Justin Kungery
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Justin Roy Kingery, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Kingery’s work focuses on the relationship of HIV and cardiovascular disease, specifically immune activation and regulation. He completed the General Internal Medicine Global Health Fellowship with work based in Weill Cornell Buganda Hospital in Tanzania. He has received funding from the NIH Fogarty and WCM Clinical and Translational Science Center.

Dr. Madeline Sterling
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Madeline R. Sterling, M.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Sterling’s work focuses on how to integrate home health aides into the medical care team. She received funding from AHA and Engaged Cornell during fellowship, and RWJ Foundation and NHLBI since joining the faculty of General Internal Medicine.

Dr. Kathleen Walsh
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Kathleen F Walsh, M.D.
  • Assistant Professor of Medicine

Dr. Walsh's work focuses on improving the diagnosis and management of drug-resistant tuberculosis. Her current work focuses on investigating the prevalence and risk factors of isoniazid resistance and the genetic progression to further drug resistance.

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