Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Two Physician-Scientists Training in the WDOM’s Medical Research Track Receive ASCI’s Emerging-Generation Award

Dr. Rachel Niec and Dr. Melanie H. Smith have each received an Emerging-Generation Award (2022) from the American Society of Clinical Investigation (ASCI).

Dr. Iliev and Colleagues Publish Critical Advance in Cell: Gut Fungi Influences Neuroimmunity and Behavior

Dr. Iliyan Iliev
Using a mouse model, researchers have revealed molecular signals that connect a specific group of fungi in the gut to cells throughout the host’s body, including immune cells and neurons.

Dr. Sonnenberg and Colleagues Discover Unique Subset of ILC3s and a Connection to Inflammation

Dr. Gregory Sonnenberg
The research suggests that countering the activity of inflammatory ILC3s could lead to a therapeutic approach for multiple sclerosis and other brain disorders.

WDOM’s 6th Annual Research Retreat Day Hosts Leader in RNA and Vaccine Research

2021 research retreat
Lectures were provided by WDOM faculty and keynote speaker, Dr. Drew Weissman, who played a major role in critical discoveries that allowed for the mRNA platform to be used in developing vaccines against SARS-CoV.

Dr. Lo and Colleagues Publish Key Findings on COVID-19 and Insulin Resistance

Dr. James C. Lo
The researchers found that SARS-CoV-2 triggers an inflammatory antiviral response in the adipose tissue (body fat) and causes its dysfunction.

Key Finding Published in Cell on ILC3s and Protection Against Colorectal Cancer

Artistic rendering of a tumor growing within a colon
Drs. Gregory Sonnenberg, Jeremy Goc, and Manish Shah have discovered that innate lymphoid cells protect against colorectal cancer, in part, by helping to maintain a healthy dialogue between the immune system and gut microbes.

Dr. Brown Appointed as Chief of the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Dr. Robert Brown
Dr. Brown is the co-founder and Director of the bi-campus Center for Liver Disease and Transplantation at NYP. He has been an integral part of the liver transplant effort at Weill Cornell since 1999 and joined the faculty full-time in 2015.

The Young Investigators Award Recipients of 2021

2021 Young Investigator Award finalists
This award is presented annually to members of the Weill Department of Medicine below the rank of professor who perform on outstanding levels in the areas of clinical and/or basic biomedical research.

Dr. Rachel Niec Receives Career Award for Medical Scientists from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund

Dr. Rachel Niec
The Career Award for Medical Scientists (CAMS) supports medical doctors who are pursuing research careers in biomedical investigation. It focuses on the transition of the physician-scientist from postdoc/fellow to independent researcher.

Dr. Schwartz Co-Senior Author on Pivotal Publication in Nature: Lung Pathology in COVID-19

Dr. Robert E. Schwartz
In a collaborative study, investigators have implemented advanced technology and analytics to map, at single-cell resolution, the cellular landscape of diseased lung tissue in severe COVID-19 and other infectious lung diseases.