Outstanding Employees Honored in the DOM

Margie Daly

The Employee Recognition Review Committee (R3) of the Department of Medicine (DOM) completed its bimonthly review of all nominees. The program, honoring outstanding service by DOM employees, named Margie Daly, Residency Program Manager, Division of Education, as the top "Star Performer" of this cycle. Known for her compassion and generosity of spirit in dealing with house staff and colleagues alike, Margie never hesitates to assume new responsibilities while maintaining stability and camaraderie. She was given a gift certificate and received her Star Performer medallion. The other star performers honored for this cycle were: Thu Trang Du, Divisional Administrator (Administration/ WCIMA); Bianca Kumar, Staff Nurse (IBD); Rosemerie Marion, NP (Hypertension & Nephrology); Lyudmila Shoykhet, Clinical Technician (WHC); and Cheryl Watson, Senior Patient Coordinator (Cardiology).