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General Internal Medicine (GIM) Internship

In 2018, General Internal Medicine started the GIM Internship, led by Anita Mesi, M.B.A., Division Administrator. The internship is designed to provide high school, college and graduate students with exposure and familiarity with career opportunities in the field of General Internal Medicine.

The internship program:

  • Provides each intern with faculty mentorship that aligns with their interests
  • Promotes workforce diversity
  • Provides adequate/structured supervision in a safe environment with necessary tools to perform tasks
  • Recruits qualified candidates, creating awareness and enthusiasm that will lead to careers in medicine and general internal medicine
  • Increases collaboration across all divisional programs

The following General Internal Medicine programs are accepting interns this year:

  • Patient Activated Learning System
  • REGARDS Program
  • Southeastern Collaboration
  • Quality Improvement Academy
  • Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction Program (HFpEF)
  • Home Health Aides Caring for Patients with Chronic Diseases
  • Quality of Care of Patients with Arthritis
  • Cancer Health Disparities
  • Research Data Analytic Group
  • Team Dynamics and Group Decision Making in the Hospital
  • Finance and Operations in an Academic Health System

This internship program is open to external and internal applicants.

  • University/college graduates
  • Post-baccalaureate students
  • Current university/college students
  • High school juniors and seniors

The internship is full-time and offers two options: a 6 week program and a 12 week program.


Interns not participating in other established programs will receive a stipend upon completion of the internship program. All interns will be required to complete a W9 form towards the end of their internship.


Internship applications open January 4, 2021 and close February 5, 2021. External/Internal applicants from the U.S., please complete this application form. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Arta Habili, Marketing Manager at arh2014@med.cornell.edu.


During my time as a GIM intern, I was able to learn about the field of public health research in deeply engaging ways, even while working remotely. This program allowed me to form lasting connections with my research team, gave me perspective on how I can contribute to the field of medicine in the future, and expanded my opportunities with valuable mentor connections. Altogether, I deeply value my time as a GIM intern and am grateful for the lessons I have learned from my team. 

— Julia Loughman
Class of 2023 

Through the GIM internship I was able to participate in the research process from start to finish, observe medical student training sessions, and gain a broader perspective on academic medicine. I developed a strong relationship with my faculty mentor that has expanded my view on what it means to practice medicine and strengthened my desire to enter the field. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to participate in this program and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about the variety of career opportunities in Internal Medicine. 

— Karissa DiPierro
Class of 2022

My summer experience participating in the General Internal Medicine Internship at Weill Cornell Medicine strongly reaffirmed my desire to pursue a career in medicine. By learning from and working with GIM faculty, I was able to hone my research skills and take advantage of the academic resources that a prestigious medical research institution like WCM has to offer. Through the internship, I developed an invaluable mentor relationship with a GIM faculty member, and learned how to collect and synthesize data from academic studies in order to write my first scoping literature review.

–Alex Zarska
Class of 2020

As an intern at GIM, I learned so much about the many facets of patient care that go beyond disease. From doing research to interacting with patients, my experiences allowed me to cultivate a more well-rounded perspective on medicine. Above all, one of the most valuable aspects of the internship was the relationships that I formed with the other interns and my own team!

-Jade Pace
Class of 2020

The General Internal Medicine Internship Program was an incredible experience for me this summer. I was able to engage in various types of interesting and challenging work on a regular basis as well as make meaningful contributions to the team. The opportunities for mentorship and professional growth are endless here and I would highly recommend this internship to future students.

-Jacob Eisner
Class of 2020

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