The WDOM Launches “Cheers for Peers”: Supporting Well-Being in the Workplace

The Weill Department of Medicine is delighted to announce that it has launched “Cheers for Peers”, a departmental effort that will enable physicians, fellows, and residents to acknowledge and celebrate each other’s efforts that promote well-being in the department. Anyone can send/enter a thank you message to a fellow colleague in recognition of an act, words, or behavior that has furthered kindness in the workplace. To do this, any physicians, fellows, and residents can visit this survey and enter their message of thanks. Department leadership will periodically select some of those individuals who have been acknowledge by “Cheers for Peers” for special recognition and thanks.

There are always challenges to be faced by our physicians, fellows, and residents, and the COVID pandemic has certainly stretched our healthcare teams to the limit. It has been long recognized that physicians, fellows, and residents dedicate themselves to the care of others, many times at the expense of their own personal well-being. The Weill Department of Medicine is committed to creating an environment and fostering a culture that is supportive of their well-being. Through partnership with the Physicians Organization and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s Division of Quality and Patient Safety, our department is continuing to integrate and align resources to sustain a culture that incorporates best practices and innovation to improve work-life balance, career satisfaction, mental health, and physician engagement.

As part of the WDOM’s efforts to build on the momentum of recovery, the department has initiated a Well-Being Plan that emphasizes transparency and encourages active interprofessional engagement to cultivate optimism and resiliency. “Cheers for Peers” will add a wonderful opportunity for physicians, fellows, and residents to recognize each other’s dedication, kindness, and commitment to making the work environment one that fosters everyone’s well-being.

Help us get Cheers for Peers off to a great start. Is there anyone YOU would like to thank?

PLEASE NOTE: To recognize and honor members of our non-physician care team and staff, please continue to nominate them through the STAR PERFORMERS program!