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Nephrology & Hypertension

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Breakthrough on Cell-free DNA Published in PNAS: Dr. Dadhania, Co-senior Author

Dr. Darshana Dadhania
The paper illuminates a technique that has enabled a low-cost urine test that can identify thousands of bacteria and viruses in humans. Importantly, infections causing tissue damage can be readily discerned.

American Society of Nephrology Kidney Newsletter Highlights the Research of Dr. Lee

Dr. John R. Lee
The newsletter’s feature was in recognition of Dr. Lee’s pivotal abstract that presented an evaluation of the gut microbiota in 169 kidney transplant recipients.

Dr. Lee and Colleagues Publish Breakthrough Study on Cell-free DNA Monitoring of UTIs

Dr. John R. Lee
The study, which utilized urine samples and cell-free DNA sequencing, yielded critical information on both the dynamics of infections and the patients’ particular biological responses.

2018 Wallis Prize for Women's Health Research Awarded at Medicine Grand Rounds

2018 Wallis Prize
This award was founded to encourage outstanding research in women’s health. The finalists presented their work at Medicine Grand Rounds.

Drs. Mary and Augustine M.K. Choi Receive $2.1 Million NIH Grant

Dr. Mary Choi
In this newly funded project, Drs. Choi will examine the mechanisms by which RIPK3 regulates kidney and lung fibrosis, as well as seek to uncover new biomarkers and molecular targets that can be utilized for diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Lee Awarded the 2017 Young Investigator Grant from the National Kidney Foundation

Dr. John Lee
Dr. Lee’s study holds great promise for patients on peritoneal dialysis who are vulnerable to acquiring peritonitis, an infection that can cause significant morbidity and even death.

Weill Department of Medicine Fosters a New Generation of Investigators

Weill Cornell Department of Medicine Junior Faculty
The Weill Department of Medicine is focused on increasing its research footprint both at Weill Cornell and on a national level. To that end, the department has established a mentoring infrastructure to assist junior faculty during their transition to NIH K and R series grants. This infrastructure supports a monthly meeting that seeks to build, promote, and mentor the department's junior faculty.

Suthanthiran Lab Discovery Selected as One of Top 10 Clinical Research Achievements in U.S.

Dr. Califf, Dr. Suthanthiran, Dr. Pardes
The Suthanthiran Laboratory's innovative discovery to determine acute rejection in the kidney transplant (by measuring three genes in the urine), and ultimately reducing the need of a kidney transplant biopsy, was selected as one of Top 10 Outstanding Clinical Research Achievements in the U.S. by the Clinical Research Forum.

New State-of-the-Art Hypertension Center Opens at Weill Cornell

rendering of new Hypertension Center
The 2,800-square-foot-center, located on 70th Street between York and First Avenue, will fill a unique niche, in that it is one of very few dedicated centers in the world addressing one of our country's most pressing health concerns, hypertension.

Suthanthiran Team Achieves Yet Another Landmark Advancement for Kidney Transplantation

Suthanthiran laboratory
On the heels of a series of advancements by the Suthanthiran Lab, the team has published a landmark paper in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) showing that a urine biomarker test which they have devised in the lab, can not only diagnose, but predict, rejection of transplanted kidneys.

Nephrology & Hypertension

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